MAY 10th AGENDA – Policy, Program and Finance Committee Meeting


Members of the State Task Force Policy, Program and Finance Committee and Staff. Public is welcome to attend.


May 10th, 2018

2:30 PM


Youth Connection Charter Schools (YCCS)

Conference Call: (888) 330-9549
Access Code: 230540#


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Review minutes from April 5 meeting.
  4. Program areas for us to research and document best program practices that provide comprehensive services including:
    1. Education:
      1. Best practice schools for youth 16-20
      2. Adult high school programs for 20-24 year olds and older
      3. GED or similar competency-based high school programs
      4. Programs combining education and work directly, like YouthBuild, apprenticeship programs, etc.
    2. Employment:
      1. Summer employment programs – linked to education
      2. Year-round employment programs – linked to education
      3. Internships (paid or unpaid) leading to employment
      4. Job preparation and linkage to private sector jobs with ongoing support and follow-up
    3. Housing Support
    4. Addiction Prevention and Rehabilitation
    5. Re-entry Programs
    6. Ensuring that programs have LGBTQIA+ sensitivity
    7. Programs for youth and young adults with disabilities
    8. Other
  5. Policies – Discussion of policies, locally in Illinois and other areas across the country; discussion for areas to research as it relates to best program practices in the areas listed above.
  6. Financing for best practice programming – Discussion for areas to research. What are various ways being used through government level financing to fund these programs?
  7. Other
  8. Adjourn