MAY 3rd AGENDA – Data Committee Meeting


Members of the State Task Force Data Committee and staff. Public is welcome to attend.


May 3rd, 2018

2:30 PM


Conference Call: (888) 330-9549
Access Code: 230540#


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Review of previous meeting minutes/edit and approval
  4. Discuss UIC Great Cities Institute report to be released May 14 at 10am at Innovations High School, 17 N. State, 2 nd Floor. The report will focus on youth and young adult joblessness, out-of-school, and those who do not have a high school diploma in Chicago, the metro area, five cities around the state, the rural western and southern areas of the state, the entire state, and the country.
  5. Discuss categories of services we are working on in terms of data.
    1. Jobless
    2. Jobless and out of school
    3. Jobless, out of school, and no diploma
    4. Homelessness
    5. Addiction, including opiates, phetynol, etc.
    6. Jailing/prison
    7. Dropout and chronic truancy numbers and rates (see the attached spreadsheet we’ve developed)
    8. Other
  6. Other
  7. Adjournment