MARCH 7th AGENDA – Professional Development Committee Meeting


Members of the State Task Force Professional Development Committee and Staff. Public is welcome to attend.


March 7th, 2018


Illinois Building

607 E. Adams, Springfield, IL 62701
12th Floor, Director's Conference Room


  1. Welcome and Introductions – Andrea Durbin (5 mins.)
  2. Presentation on Research Findings from the Apprenticeship Study – Erin Steva, The Young Invincibles (30 minutes)
  3. Discussion on Employment and Education Status and Issues for Youth in DCFS Care – Molly Uhe and Kim Johnson, DCFS (30 minutes)
  4. Two Resources on Trauma and Unemployment – Andrea Durbin (10 minutes)
    1. “Cycle of Risk: The Intersection of Poverty, Violence, and Trauma”
    2. “Can Treating PTSD Solve Urban America’s Unemployment Crisis?”
  5. Discussion: Synthesizing What We Have Learned – All, (30 minutes)
  6. Development of Agenda for Next Meeting – All, (5 minutes)
  7. Next Meeting Date – All, (5 minutes)
  8. Public Comment – (5 minutes)
  9. Adjournment